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Narrow Path Books is dedicated to producing lifestyle enriching books for the Natsarim. 

Who are the Natsarim?   We are the ones called the Bride, The First-Fruits and the Treasured Possession in the Scriptures. We are awakening the remnant to proclaim the coming of the true Messiah. 

Paul was identifies as a Natsarim in Acts 24:4.     "For having found this man a plague, who stirs up dissension among all the Yahudim throughout the world, and a ringleader of the sect of the Natsarim..."

The word Natsarim is a Hebrew word meaning branches and watchman. Yahukanon 15:5 " I am the Vine (Gafen) and you are the branches (Natsarim). We are the branches of the root of the Vine: Yahusha. We are rooted in the Torah!

At Narrow Path Books you will find books to show you the way along the path for those who are or who want to be the Bride of Yahusha. 

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The Appointed Times of Yahuah

If you are a follower of Yahusha and consider yourself a dedicated follower of Yahusha then you absolutely have to observe the appointed times of Yahuah. 

With each event or an introduction of an appointed time and or festival Yahuah made clear that it was an appointed time or festival for all your generations forever. This is a very clear instruction and if we are truly followers of Yahusha then we have to keep/observe the appointed times.

 In our day we keep them by observing them. This introductory book to the appointed time is the perfect place to start to begin to understand the appointed times and how to observe them in our day and time. 

4 Steps Through the Narrow Gate

A Natsarim is a person who has made a fully conscious decision to believe on Yahusha and live life obeying the commands of Yahuah in relation with Yahuah/ Yahusha.

In this book: 4 Steps Through the Narrow Gate, you will discover 4 important decisions you need to consider to enter into this covenant agreement with Yahusha. .  Every person must make the decision to enter into covenant agreement with Yahusha or not. It is the most important decision of life that you will make.

This book will help you understand what it is all about.

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"What a great book! Beautifully written and illuminating. The organized written pattern makes it very easy to follow—it flows nicely. I recommend this book, and not just for one reading! March 2022 "

My thoughts about 4 Steps Through the Narrow Gate

"I just got my book today and I started to read it. Margaret you have so much wisdom and I just love the book. Thank you so much for all that you are doing for all of us. I send you lots of loving prayers."

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"Absolutely the best revelation ever! this is a must buy, must read. Reviewed in the Netherlands May 16,2022 I really loved reading this book. It reads very easy, also because it is written in the form of letters.. Easy to read a letter at a time as a busy mom. The revelations and wisdom from our dear sister are so joyful! Never ever have I learned so muchh in church, as I learn right now, Learning from Ruach ha"Qodesh and from following the teaching from this book and from Blessed is He who comes in the name of Yahuah!!"

Joyce van Eijk

"Margaret I got your book The Appointed Times of YAHUAH. Thank you so much. It has helped me so much better understanding about the calendar of YAHUAH. I appreciate your hard work and so many others . Shalom and have a wonderful day. Rose W."

Rose W