These short letters will explain the 7 points along the path that make up Matithyahua (Matthew) 7:13.



Do you or someone you know have any of the following questions?

When is Sabbath?

What calendar are we to follow?

 When are the Appointed Times or Feast days? How do we observe them?

What about Baptism? Once and done or do it again now?

Does it matter what name you are baptized under?

I have heard there are eating rules. What is that all about?

Sabbath, what can we do and what should we not do?

Does the Name really matter, He knows my heart?

How do you pronounce Yahuha and Yahusha?

If you have any of these questions for yourself or others then Narrow Path Series 1, Beginnings is for you right now! 

The answers are waiting for you

How I found the answers.

I have been on a long journey finding truthful answers to these questions. Some of the questions I did not even have in the beginning. At first I just wanted to know exactly what was required of me to have eternal life with my Creator. 

How about you, what questions do you have? People always ask the question, "do you know that you know you are saved?" My answer was "no, not really!" What is your answer to that?  

It seemed there had to be more connection with the creator than just a an emotionally induced 2 minute prayer after an electrically charged  moving sermon. 

I thought it would be terrible to live my whole life thinking what my religion told me was true and never searching it out for myself, just to be sure. What if at the end of my life I had believed a lie and lost out on the most important thing about life; returning to the Father.

I sought out most of the mainstream religions, read books by hundreds of preacher authors, attended meeting near and far and still there was always a question in my heart. I even earned my Masters in Theology. But the question: Do you know that you know? Was never fully answered.

A friend of mine brought to my attention that I spent a huge amount of time and money on these teachers and then after I experiencing them in person I just drop them because I perceive some truth is missing.  Well she was right until. 

Answers have been found and they are waiting for you!

A Memorable Vacation

From my Journal April 5, 2018

Tuesday April 3, 2018 I traveled to Lousivlle Ky to visit my friend K and then onto Florida to hear another preacher in person. A wonderful 2 week break from life which was greatly needed. 

I had requested a lunch meeting with Phyllis and Lew White, my treat.

We did not know each other although we all grew up in Louisville and are very close in age.

Phillis and Lew spent a couple of weeks pondering who I might be and why I wanted to meet them and share a meal.

I think I discovered Lew’s books either on a FB post or an Amazon search on Nimrod. I cannot remember exactly why I was curious about Nimrod, but I was. 

On December 6, 2017 I ordered the kindle copy of Nimrod. As I read Lew’s research I was shocked, amazed and captivated by His research findings. December 10,2017 I purchased “I am Yahuah”

January 22, 2018 I ordered the Deluxe copy of Lew’s Transliteration of the Scripture of Truth which up to this time I had called the Bible. 

(I will not go through my whole list of orders but I did order just about every book Lew had written and studied them in great detail. )

My Text records our chats from March 2, 2018. The day of Lew & Phyllis’s car accident - through Wednesday April 18, 2018, the day after I returned home from my trip. 

Even now my. Heart smiles remembering  all the happened before my vacation - planning it through the day after my return. A wonderful Vacation. But the best is just below ...

A Memorable Life Event

The Lunch that changed my Life

Our Lunch Encounter

Remembering our Lunch meeting K and I arrived a bit early at the chosen restaurant. We discussed how I felt it important to meet this couple and how requesting a meeting with a famous person, a writer was not my normal behavior. Truly I had nothing to offer - sheer amazement with the subject of their life work - and this deep desire to connect with them in person. 

K and I talked about my life journey to this point. I wanted her to understand why this lunch was so important to me although I did not, at the time, understand why. The short of it is that we had known each other from high school and through all those years she put up with me and my search for truth.

She finally understood that even though many think salvation is tied up in Corporate Christianty and maybe I should have settle for that - I knew complete truth was not in Corporate Christianty and my Spirit could not settle. 

At last we saw their car pull in. I got up and went out to meet them, thinking Margaret they will think you are nuts - you are not greeting them in your driveway. LOL As I stood waiting for them to come around the corner, I thought ok now what? Here you are what are you going to say!  As they rounded the building corner my arm went up to give them a greeting hug which was very strange as I am not particularly custom to hugging strangers! 

The spirit within me was extremely happy and produced a warm and inviting greeting. Lunch was a chatty time. I am not sure anyone stopped talking over our 3 hour lunch. It was like 4 long parted souls meeting with great interest and joy.

We covered many subjects and I believe Phyllis kept track of all that.  I found myself asking Lew for permission to use his research to create on line classes.  And that was a total surprise for both of us. 

Now Years later the on-line course is ready for you.

Is it Time to Change Your Life, Too?

Lunch Encounter that Lead to:

Understanding of Matthew 7:13.

It is really quite simple. The conditions are completely revealed in Scripture as we would expect them to be. But they are not all together in one place and really few people have time today, to piece it all together.

I took 9 years to focus on the true meaning of the narrow path. I even got my Masters in Theology! Truthfully, that was not any help on my quest to understand the Narrow Path.  Understanding came when Holy Spirit opened the door to a teacher of truth, a wonderful friendship and deep desire to share truth with you. 

In the Narrow Path Series of letters you will discover

  • The path is simple but challenging in our world today. 
  • You will gain clear understanding to help you make your choice.
  • You will be amazed how simple things have been blown way out of proportion
  • You will find the joy of relationship with our Creator!

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